The Stream, September 27: Water (In)Efficiency Around the World

There is enough fresh water in the world to meet the soaring global food demand in the next decades, yet the problem is its inefficient use, AFP reported, citing a study released at the World Water Congress in Brazil and published in the journal Water International.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority’s plans to build a 300-mile pipeline to supply Las Vegas with water are up for review, with critics of the proposal saying that the project would result in economic and environmental catastrophe in several valleys, Associated Press reported.

Water may be the limiting factor in India’s future development, according to this Forbes article.

Global biofuel production may push 120 million people into hunger by 2050 while doing little to stop climate change, an advisor to Qatar’s food security program said, according to Bloomberg.

How did engineers restore Tripoli’s water? The National reports on the efforts to get water flowing to Libya’s capital after water supplies stopped following the fall of the Qaddafi regime.

Newly independent South Sudan plans to build a hydropower dam in its northwestern region, according to Bloomberg.

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