Reign of Sand

By Keith Schneider
Circle of Blue Senior Editor

excerpted from

Late last summer we sent a reporting team to Inner Mongolia, China to cover the front lines of the freshwater crisis in Asia. The members included a writer based in South Korea, a Getty Images photographer from Malaysia, an artist and grasslands specialist from Beijing, and Eric Daigh, a videographer and multi-media producer from Circle of Blue’s main office in northern Michigan.

Circle of Blue’s strategy is to merge great independent reporting with the new online multi-media production and dissemination tools to elevate freshwater scarcity to a global priority.

Circle of Blue is finishing its “Reign of Sand” multi-media report from Inner Mongolia, which includes more motion reports, articles, photographs, and mapping. Here’s a taste of the great work to come from this collaborative journalism project that’s covering the front lines of the global freshwater crisis.

Circle of Blue's Reign of Sand

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