Plan to clean the Ganges

India’s sacred river, the Ganges, supports over 400 million people, and for many, is an important symbol of purity. But as it travels along its 1,500-mile journey through India, over 1.4 billion liters of untreated waste water are dumped into it each day.

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Source : The Pacific Institute

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  1. Rekha Ram says:

    Indian rivers are so murky as a result of negligence of the public, government and also the media. Water is forever in short supply. Mismanagement is also to be partly blamed here. Most of the rivers (not only Ganges/Yamuna) are dirty as they are used for all purposes including bathing, as a dump for chemical plants, dispose corpses, washing etc…There is support from the media for all these too in the name of ‘aastha’ (means ‘devotion’!). Media declares the activities of dipping in the Ganges at every silly festival as auspicious, encouraging masses to visit these rivers to bathe, flush ashes of the cremated bodies, dispose corpses etc. Every cave where stalagmite is present is destroyed naming them as some sacred place inviting crores of pilgrims! Every glacier/river/cave/mountain/forests/piece of land is destroyed weaving tall tales quoting some senseless ancient mythology where on purpose, the government joins hands with these so-called cultural pundits to destroy all in the name of ‘upholding’ some great tradition that was never there to begin with! So much for Indian cultural & traditional hypocrisy that doesn’t respect the land. And these are supposed to be nature worshippers who destroyed the nature in the name of all revering it! India has no chance of learning anymore. It is ‘now or never’ for India.

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