The Stream, December 30: Great Lakes Water Levels May Drop

Water levels are expected to rise on Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in the next six months, but unusually warm winter temperatures may lead to less ice cover and more evaporation, ultimately reducing Great Lakes water levels, The Detroit News reported, citing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ latest forecast.

Wasting natural resources, such as water and energy, will create further economic crises, according to the European Union’s environment commissioner, the Guardian reported.

Essar Energy plans to build eight new coal-fired power plants in India, arguing that people there cannot afford to pay for clean energy, the Guardian reported.

The United States will hold ten lease sales for offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico in an attempt to reduce dependency on foreign oil imports, according to Bloomberg News. Lease sales were suspended after the BP oil spill in 2010.

China will focus on more efficient agricultural practices to promote food security and social stability, Xinhua reported. Plans include increasing spending on water-related infrastructure.

Australians are not spending as much money due to high food and utility prices, and the retail market is hurting as a result, Bloomberg News reported.

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