Water may be key to ending Mideast violence

AMMAN, Jordan – With shared dwindling water supplies, Mideast peace may rely on joint cooperation between Palestinians and Israelis over water, National Geographic reports. With a combined population of over 10 million people packed densely in 10,840 square miles (28,075 square kilometers), the region’s water is quickly drying up.

Though water isn’t a headlining issue for many, Dr. Amjad Aliewi, director general of the House of Water and Environment in Ramallah and technical advisor to the Palestinian Water Authority, explained its significance, “water is so important because it’s the only means to have a viable state. Say we have our refugees back, we have established borders—but Israel still holds the tap in its hand.”

Citing hope for comprise and cooperation though, Professor Alon Tal of Israel’s Ben-Gurion University, told National Geographic, “there’s going to have to be territorial flexibility on both sides. But people of good spirits, moderates, and professionals all want the same things—a future for their children with the same resources.”

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Source : National Geographic

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