Hope Shines Through Rain Clouds in Cyprus

When rain falls in Cyprus, it immediately floods news headlines. The water-scarce Mediterranean island is hoping to ease water cuts to households in the summer, after wet weather this year has partially refilled water reservoirs.

A year after the government on the volcanic island ordered emergency water rationing in the face of prolonged water drought, water boards and farmers are lobbying for more lenient water restrictions in 2009.

Although recent wet weather has partially quenched the island’s thirst, it has not been enough to blot out “more than two years of drought,” according to The Cyprus Weekly. Water cuts will continue at a minimized duration at best, as the latest rain clouds have not prompted the Cypriot government to rule out the country’s complete independence from rainfall.

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Source: The Cyprus Weekly

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  1. Jay says:

    On January 15, 2009 there was weather modification application over Cyprus. The event causes weather patterns across a broad area and unlocked polarity changes that resulted in a change to the 55 month low of rainfall . This technology can become a long term event. We’ll see ?


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