Australia’s Epic Drought, a Warning of Global Water Scarcity: “The Biggest Dry”

Carried by: CSRwire

TRAVERSE CITY, MI (March 10, 2009) — Not since the American Dust Bowl of the early 20th century has an industrialized nation sustained more damage from drought and water scarcity in its prime food-growing region than in Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin. This, according to an extensive multimedia report published today by Circle of Blue, the nonpartisan journalism and scientific research organization that covers global water issues.

“Climate change and the need to provide for a growing population have pushed the Murray-Darling Basin to its limits,” said J. Carl Ganter, Circle of Blue’s director. “Australia is used to dealing with drought, but the magnitude of what it faces in the Murray-Darling Basin is testing its ingenuity, stressing its budget and dispiriting many of its people.” Read more….

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