Video: The Biggest Dry, Stories of Australia’s Waning Rivers & Worried Towns

Video: The Biggest Dry, Stories of Australia’s Waning Rivers & Worried Towns

A love song, a hymn of mourning: where has Australia’s beloved water gone? As the Murray-Darling river basin trickles into another decade of drought, its people catch what remains of the waning water and parched earth in their stories.

Video by Aaron Jaffe; edited by Eric Daigh for Circle of Blue.
“Darling” written by Nadav Kahn; performed and produced by Nadav Kahn and Nic Johns.

Once the source of a burgeoning agricultural sector and tourist economy, the Murray-Darling was the pride and promise of farmers and business owners alike. Not anymore. In the face of changing climate, its water intensive crops — like cotton, rice and stone fruits — thirst for the suffering resource. And who cares to vacation in a land of toxic mud flats and skeletal gum trees?

As the soil dries, as the forests catch fire and wildlife flees, an all too common silence pervades the basin. Will the water return? wonder the country’s growers, governers, and indigenous people. Scientists say Australia’s approach to water must change entirely if any hope of recovery exists.

Video by Aaron Jaffe and edited by Eric Daigh. Reach Jaffe and Daigh at

Singer-songwriter Nadav Kahn was born in Israel and migrated to Sydney, Australia as a teenager, where he is currently based. His most recent project is alongside his brother in the band the Kahn Brothers. Their debut album, Love Melts Fear, was released in 2008, and is a heart-warming collection of inspired acoustic pop songs. Formerly, he was a member of the Australian art rock band Gelbison, releasing two acclaimed records known for their experimental sound scapes. Other collaborations include the band Nations by the River, and Operation Aloha, with its upcoming record due for release in May 2009. Operation Aloha features members of Maroon 5, Gomez and Phantom Planet.

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  1. David Jones says:

    Hey how about putting something of the flooding that has been happening in the Murray Darling basin since Christmas 2009.
    The big problem for many people is too much water
    Lets get the balance right please

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