The Stream, August 2: Shrinking Glaciers and Growing Deserts

There are only 25 glaciers in the Glacier National Park now, compared to 150 in the 19th century, Grist reported. By 2020, even these will be gone, according to the park’s coordinator of climate change and glacial geology.

The Financial Times verdict on Kenya’s drought: the country has failed to manage its food crisis, which is just as much about markets and management as it is about an absence of rain.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has sent subpoenas to energy companies asking them for documents about how they estimate and publicly disclose the performance and productivity of their shale gas wells, The New York Times reported, citing oil and gas industry lawyers.

Western Australia will double the capacity of its Southern Seawater Desalination Plant to provide 100 billion liters of drinking water a year, Bloomberg reported, citing a state government statement.

China Green and Asia Society present At Desert’s Edge, a new video about China’s worsening desertification.

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