The Stream, August 1: Land-grabbing in Ethiopia

Human rights group Survival International has accused the Ethiopian government of leasing some of its most productive farmland in the Omo River region to foreign companies, Voice of America reported.

Meanwhile, the Oakland Institute said last week that land-grabbing in Ethiopia risks adding to the millions of people already in need of food aid in the drought-hit Horn of Africa, AFP reported.

Can water end the Palestine-Israeli conflict?

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation has only 14 inspectors to oversee 13,000 natural gas wells in the state. With staff and budget constraints, the agency will struggle to keep up with the scores of shale gas drilling applications expected from companies should the state lift its ban on hydraulic fracturing, according to a Reuters analysis.

The Medvezhiy Glacier in Tajikistan has moved roughly 800 to 1,000 meters since June 2011, raising concern among glaciologists and emergency management groups about a potential glacial outburst flood, NASA reported.

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    Hi, these updates are great. I would, however, suggest that you set the links so that they open in new tabs. Otherwise, one goes from one news item to another; too far off to conviniently come back to this page.

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