The Stream, July 8: Global Warming Trends

Global warming and the melting of the polar caps is worse than previously thought, according to a new study from the University of Arizona that appeared in Nature Geoscience, International Business Times reported.

Arizona’s recent wildfires will affect the air and water quality in the state for years to come, reversing the ability of forests to help slow climate change and protect desert water supplies, The Arizona Republic reported, citing local scientists.

The massive increase in coal-fired power plants in China has masked the impact of global warming in the last decade because of the cooling effect of their sulphur emissions, the Guardian reported.

Yale Environment 360 asked eight industry officials, scientists and conservationists to discuss whether hydraulic fracturing can be done without serious harm to water and air quality, and what environmental safeguards may be needed.

This Bloomberg column links diesel fuel prices in the United States with water tariffs in China. According to the article, water shortages are “indirectly causing increased use of diesel generators for electricity in China, and that, in turn, is helping raise diesel prices in the U.S.”

Meanwhile, China plans to invest no less than $77-93 billion in urban water facilities between 2011 and 2015, People’s Daily reported.

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