The Stream, December 23: Water Concerns In Argentina

Water access and use are a concern in Argentina, where 11 percent of the population does not have a piped water source and the average consumption per person is more than three times that of Brazil, the Guardian reported, citing a study by Green Cross Argentina.

Shell spilled an estimated 20,000 barrels of oil off the coast of Nigeria, making it the country’s largest spill since 1998, Reuters reported. The oil threatens the Niger Delta, a region that needs the world’s most extensive oil clean-up effort, according to a U.N. report published earlier this year.

Findings from an independent panel supported water management actions by the United States Army Corps of Engineers that led to widespread flooding along the Missouri River last summer, Reuters reported.

Thailand flood victims are suing the government and its agencies for mismanagement of the recent flood crisis, according to AlertNet.

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service will kill 434,000 lake trout that were meant to be released in the Great Lakes, The Wall Street Journal reported. Officials feared the fish could contaminate the waters with rock snot, an invasive algae.

Sri Lanka’s Upper Kotmale Hydropower Plant will be completed next month, producing up to 150 megawatts of electricity, Xinhua reported.

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