The Stream, July 28: U.S. Shale Gas and Russia’s Energy Influence

The shale gas boom in the United States has weakened Russia’s role in the European energy market and could contain Iran’s influence for years to come, according to a new study by the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University. Read more about the shale gas development in Europe on Circle of Blue.

Radio Free Europe reports on the looming water crisis in Central Asia, where countries are vying for shrinking rivers and lakes. This Registan blog post argues that Afghanistan’s water demand complicates the Uzbek-Tajik water dispute.

At least 32 people have died after heavy rains and landslides swept through South Korea’s capital Seoul and the northern town of Chuncheon, Associated Press reported.

Africa Famine
The number of Kenyans who will need food aid due to drought will rise to 3.5 million by September, Reuters reported, citing the United Nations.

Meanwhile, Today’s Zaman reported that the World Food Program can’t reach 2.2 million Somalis in desperate need of humanitarian aid in militant-controlled areas of Somalia. The civil conflict in the country is exacerbating the effects of a dire drought and slowing down humanitarian efforts, according to aid agencies.

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