The Stream, January 24: Boosting Food Production

How can the world feed 9.5 billion people, the projected global population in 2050? The Guardian looks at a mix of new, somewhat radical scientific solutions: commercial algae farms, insects, desert greening and meat grown in a lab.

Modernising agricultural technology is the key to boosting China’s food output, according to China’s Premier Wen Jiabao, Reuters reported.

Chinese environmentalist Ma Jun discusses the data-driven approach he pioneered to hold China’s government and businesses accountable for air and water pollution.

Five tons of fuel oil has leaked into the Brisbane River in Queensland, Australia, threatening to reach the environmentally sensitive mangroves, AAP reported.

The U.S. Energy Department has reduced its estimate for the natural gas reserves in the Marcellus shale formation by 66 percent, citing improved data on drilling and production, Bloomberg reported.

Britain’s rivers a drying up, according to an Environment Agency study into the potential impact of climate change on the flow of rivers in England and Wales by 2050, the Guardian reported.

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