The Stream, May 17: Finland’s Mining Boom

More frequent and more severe floods, or what some farmers call “climate chaos,” are forcing food growers in upstate New York to stop planting in fertile flood plains, Inside Climate News reported.

Finland’s environmental regulators will toughen rules for mining companies amid growing evidence about environmental damage from the country’s recent mining boom, Bloomberg reported. The promise of big mining profits is driving fresh public concerns about toxic waste water discharges.

Environmental journalist Fred Pearce shares his 10 favorite eco-books — from stories of ecological collapse to the hope of nuclear technology.

The world needs to “radically transform” the way it manages water, energy and land, according to the European Report on Development, the Guardian reported. The study calls on the European Union to adopt an integrated approach to managing this nexus.

The Department of Water and Power of the City of Los Angeles plans to sell $276.8 million of water system revenue bonds next week, Reuters reported.

Don’t forget it’s Africa Water Week.

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