The Stream, May 24: Breast Cancer in Men

Mother Jones investigates the link between quite possibly the most contaminated public drinking water supply in U.S. history and the incidence of breast cancer in men who lived at Camp Lejeune, a marine base in North Carolina.

A city council member running for mayor of San Diego has introduced a “Bill of Rights” for water users. KPBS reports that Carl DeMaio wants, among other things, that rate increases be approved by a two-thirds council vote.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration, an independent research agency, shows how natural gas production in Pennsylvania quadrupled since 2009 because of horizontal drilling and its partner technique, hydraulic fracturing.

Ernst and Young, a consultancy, released a report on water use in India. More than 60 percent of households in major cities are water-deficient.

The theme of the European Commission’s Green Week (May 22-25) is “Every Drop Counts—The Water Challenge.”

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