The Stream, April 10: India Water Week

On the eve of India Water Week, The Wall Street Journal looks at India’s looming water crisis — from its rapid groundwater depletion to its chaotic water policy.

In even more details, National Geographic explains how growing food demand is straining the energy and water supplies in India’s Gujarat State and globally.

Crop losses from climate-related challenges, such as droughts and other extreme weather, are already affecting China’s capacity to grow food, according to Scientific American.

Chile will likely extend energy-saving measures through October as a drought has slowed down hydropower generation and has delayed the launch of two new coal-fired plants in the country, Reuters reported. The water shortages have exacerbated the energy problems in Chile, whose grid is already suffering from underinvestment and frequent black-outs.

Meanwhile, a prolonged drought in Spain has also depleted the reservoirs for hydropower and irrigation, according to Reuters.

Rapid population growth, limited farmland and recent challenges to Egypt’s majority share of the Nile River by upstream states could push the country to the brink of water scarcity by 2025, according to GlobalPost.

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