The Stream, October 4: Vivid Fall Foliage a Hidden Drought Benefit

Conditions are ideal this year for brilliant fall foliage, National Geographic reported. Moderate drought can actually boost concentrations of anthocyanins – the natural pigments that color several tree species.

Drought Damage

Florida governor Rick Scott said his state needs more water from Georgia to boost levels in the Apalachicola Bay and relieve the state’s oyster industry. The Associated Press reported 2,500 jobs are impacted by the oyster industry, which has suffered even more because of this summer’s U.S. drought.

Read Circle of Blue’s report from the Apalachicola Bay-area about the drought’s impact on the oyster industry.

World food prices rose slightly, remaining near crisis levels, AlertNet reported. Drought in Russia and other Black Sea exporting countries, combined with this summer’s U.S. drought, stoked fears of a renewed crisis.

Water-Food-Energy Nexus

An Australian company is producing enough algal biomass every month to meet the requirements for an energy development grant, Clean Technica reported. The process uses carbon dioxide for fuel, and works well in arid and semi-arid areas.

Detroit Water Workers’ Strike

The Detroit water workers’ strike will continue after an executive board vote last night. The Detroit News reported that, while the strike appeared over on Wednesday, the executive board is holding out until all their members get their jobs back.

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