The Stream, August 12: Namibia Struggles With Drought

Running Out of Water
Some regions of Namibia could see their crop production drop 50 percent below average due to the country’s worst drought in 30 years, the Associated Press reported, citing Namibia’s president. Approximately one third of Namibia’s population faces severe or moderate food insecurity, according to a UNICEF report.

Towns in Texas are literally running dry as a combination of drought, hydraulic fracturing and overuse pushes water resources to their limits, the Guardian reported. Many residents are blaming the dry wells on an oil and gas drilling boom, which requires massive amounts of water.

Water Disputes
India’s Kerala and Tamil Nadu states remain embroiled in a lawsuit before the Supreme Court to determine the fate of the Mullaperiyar Dam and the water it controls, The New York Times reported. The case is challenging ideas about colonial era agreements and the power of India’s central government, according to the report.

A new Palestinian community in the West Bank will test cooperation between Israel and Palestine on issues like water supply, NPR reported. To secure its water, the planned community requires a pipeline—which in turn needs Israeli approval.

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