The Stream, July 16: Industrialization Poses Water Pollution in Bangladesh

Water Pollution
Rivers and canals in Bangladesh are becoming increasingly polluted from industrial wastewater dumped by factories, many of them in the textile industry, The New York Times reported. The toxic water threatens food production and is raising both environmental and human health concerns.

Local units of two Chinese oil companies have been shut down in Yanan to prevent further oil spills from damaged pipelines, Bloomberg News reported. The pipelines were damaged by landslides and leaked oil into a drinking water reservoir that provides water for more than 200,000 city residents.

Water Supply and Demand
Water demand in Georgia is projected to double by 2020, according to a new study by a Missouri-based engineering company, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reported. Nearly half of that water will go to the state’s energy sector.

In upcoming talks, Kenya wants to ensure that Ethiopia’s Gibe III hydropower dam will not be used to provide water for irrigation, Bloomberg News reported, citing Business Daily. Kenya is concerned about the effect the dam will have on Lake Turkana.

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