The Stream, July 17: U.S. Heat Wave Reveals Dangers of Aging Infrastructure

Aging U.S. Infrastructure
As many as 200,000 residents of a Maryland county could be without running water for days amid an intense heat wave that is baking the U.S. East Coast, CBS News reported. Officials are shutting down one of the county’s aging water main pipes for repairs, which they say are urgent.

Water shutdowns like the one in Maryland will only become more frequent across the country in the absence of massive investments, according to congressional testimonies and expert reports, The Washington Post reported. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that an investment of $US 9.4 billion is needed by 2020.

U.S. Energy
The water-energy choke point in the U.S. is intensifying, as power plants face water shortages due to drought and competing water demands, according to a report from the Union of Concerned Scientists, Bloomberg News reported. The report urges the energy industry, which accounts for 40 percent of the country’s water demand, to scale down its dependence on water.

India Floods
New development in India’s flood-ravaged Uttarakhand state will focus on long-term planning and environmental sustainability, the state’s chief minister told AlertNet. Environmental groups have accused the state of making a “man-made” disaster through poor development plans.

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