Designing Qatar and India

Circle of Blue design intern Laura Stegmeyer reflects on her first week.

Circle of Blue Grand Valley State University Design Internships Traverse City

Here’s a preview of one of the infographics I designed for the upcoming Choke Point: India series. Infographic © Laura Stegmeyer / Circle of Blue Click image to enlarge.

This is the beginning of my second week at Circle of Blue as a graphic design intern for the summer. I am from Traverse City originally, but I just finished my second year in the Graphic Design program at Grand Valley State University. I heard about Circle of Blue from my friend Amanda Northrop, who is a year ahead of me at GVSU and interned here last summer.

The first day I started at Circle of Blue, I jumped right into designing pieces for them. During my first week, I worked on setting up a timeline for story production and also made an information brief for director Carl Ganter and senior editor Keith Schneider’s recent trip to Qatar. Read more about their trip in these three In The Circle posts from Keith:

Grand Valley State University Interns
Circle of Blue has hosted many interns from Grand Valley State University, especially design-focused interns.
  • Amanda Northrop: Design intern from April-August 2012, currently a junior at GVSU — Amanda is working on a new video project for her senior graphic design show this summer
  • Alec Aja: Design intern from May-August 2012 — Alec will graduate in 2014.
  • Hannah Nester: Design intern from July-August 2009, GVSU graduate in 2010 — Hannah’s 10 Things You Should Know About Water is still one of the highest viewed posts in Circle of Blue’s history. Hannah is a freelance designer in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Yiruo Zhao: Design intern from July-August 2009, GVSU graduate in 2010 — Yiruo is an interactive graphic designer for the Dune Road Group.

At the end of last week, assistant editor Aubrey Ann Parker went over the data sets and maps for my current project, an infographic for Circle of Blue’s Choke Point: India story, which will be rolling out in four separate pieces in the next few weeks. The infographic that I’m currently designing focuses on the second story in the series, which is about Punjab and Haryana, two major food-growing states in northern India. Read more about the trip that Carl, Keith, and Aubrey took to India last November and December in three In The Circle posts from Keith:

–Laura Stegmeyer
Circle of Blue design intern

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