The Stream, August 28: Brazil Drought Threatens Water Supplies For 20 Million People

Water Supply
An ongoing, severe drought in Brazil’s Sao Paulo state has prompted rationing for 2 million people in 18 cities and threatens the water supplies of 20 million people, Bloomberg News reported. Nonetheless, elected officials–many up for reelection this fall–are playing down the water crisis.

North America’s “water tower”–the Rocky Mountains–is increasingly drying out as temperatures warm and snowpack and glaciers recede, NPR reported. In the future, water may move through the mountains much more quickly, reducing their vital water storage capacity.

California’s $US 25 billion Bay Delta Conservation Plan is being delayed until further studies can be completed, following the public comment period on the draft environmental impact report for the plan, The Sacramento Bee reported. A new version of the impact report for the project, which would adjust how water is diverted from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, is expected early next year.

Economic and social development in Pacific island nations is a growing challenge as these countries face extreme threats from climate change, Haoliang Xu, regional director for the United Nations Development Programme, writes for the Guardian. Sea level rise, extreme storms, and population growth are all putting stress on vital services like water supply and education.

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