The Stream, October 13: Sao Paulo Likely to Face Water Cuts

Water Supply
Residents of Sao Paulo will likely be facing daily water shutoffs due to a drought that has drawn down water levels in its main drinking water reservoir to just 5 percent of capacity, Bloomberg News reported. The city’s water utility has so far resisted shutoffs, but Brazil’s national regulators say it will not be allowed to use the remaining amount of water in the reservoir unless it commits to water cuts.

The second phase of China’s massive South-North water transfer project is expected to start delivering water to Beijing by the end of the month, Reuters reported. The transfer will bring drinking water from more than 1,400 kilometers away to the city.

Two special rapporteurs to the United Nations will be visiting Detroit on October 20 to assess the city’s water shutoffs, MLive reported. UN experts in June said the city’s water shutoffs for overdue bills were a violation of international human rights.

Researchers have developed a system of assessing sediment samples by color to determine their arsenic content, Medical Express reported. The system will be used in Bangladesh to assist well drillers with decisions about where to locate drinking water wells.

Proctor & Gamble has committed to cutting the water used in its manufacturing process 20 percent by 2020, Bloomberg News reported. The Cincinnati-based company is the world’s largest maker of consumer products, such as laundry detergent and shampoo.

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