The Stream, March 9: Australia Should Take Advantage of Groundwater

The  Global Rundown

The Global Rundown

Australia should focus on improving management of its groundwater instead of building more surface water dams, according to two of the country’s water scientists. Water districts in California are considering major rate increases to combat the ongoing drought, while droughts around the world underline the growing threat from water scarcity. Ireland released four protesters arrested during demonstrations against water charges. Scientists found that sheep can drastically reduce their water intake by cooling their blood.

“Planned conjunctive management of surface and groundwater, which will in many cases involve [managed aquifer recharge], is the most effective way to build a sustainable Australian economy, industries, communities and environment.”–Craig Simmons and Rick Evans, water scientists in Australia, on the country’s plans to build more surface dams instead of ‘underground’ dams that take advantage of groundwater. (

By the Numbers

By The Numbers

4 protesters Number released by Ireland’s High Court after being arrested during anti-water charge protests. The Irish Times

31.5 percent Possible increase to the “pump tax” water charge in California’s Santa Clara Valley District due to the ongoing drought. San Jose Mercury News


Science, Studies, And Reports

Sheep can save up to 80 percent of their daily water intake by cooling down their blood, according to a new study published in the journal PlosOne. ABC Science Online

On the Radar

On The Radar

Droughts in Brazil, California, and the Middle East underline the growing threat from water scarcity around the world. Experts say past methods of managing and using water will not suffice in the future. Guardian

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