HotSpots H2O, July 9: Protests in Iran Turn Violent as Discontent Over Water Scarcity Grows

The Rundown

Water-related protests in Iran turned violent last week, leaving eleven people injured in the city of Abadan. The demonstrations began peacefully, with residents calling for improvements to the area’s tainted tap water, but ended in clashes with security forces. In March and April, water shortages sparked similar protests in rural areas of central and western Iran. The demonstrations are taking place amid one of the country’s worst droughts on record.

“Although Iran has a history of drought, over the last decade, Iran has experienced its most prolonged, extensive and severe drought in over 30 years.” –A recent report by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization. According to many farmers and residents, the dry spell is worsened by poor water management.

By The Numbers

97 percent Proportion of Iran that is experiencing some level of drought, based on data from the Islamic Republic of Iran Meteorological Organization.

40 percent Proportion of Iran that is experiencing severe drought.

11 People hurt in last week’s protests over dirty, salinated water flowing from taps in Abadan and surrounding towns. The injured included one civilian and 10 police officers.

75 Iranian cities where protests were held in late December and early January. The protests, which involved thousands of arrests and more than two dozen deaths, were mainly spurred by economic inequality and alleged corruption, but analysts believe poor water access also played a role in some demonstrations.

On The Radar

Iranian protests directly related to water shortages have been relatively small and rural, but water access is poised to become a larger issue if drought persists. Currently, the country’s water outlook is grim, with government data predicting declines in surface water, groundwater, and rainfall in the next decade.

Resources and Further Reading

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