Niger Receives Handwashing Stations From UNICEF to Curb Covid-19

Niger’s Ministry of Water and Sanitation received four new vehicles and 362 handwashing stations from the United Nations Children’s Fund this week. The move is part of an effort to extend water and sanitation services to all of the country’s residents.

The new handwashing devices will be installed in 54 facilities, 71 public places, and 85 schools in Niamey, the capital.

Sanitation is limited in Niger. Only 13 percent of the population has access to basic sanitation services and just over half have clean drinking water. A government initiative, supported by UNICEF and funded by British Government, expects to address these limitations.

Since 2019, the program has succeeded in reaching five more municipalities in the regions of Maradi and Tahoua, ending open defecation and enabling over 700,00 people access to healthy sanitation. More recetly, the program has acted as a part of the global Covid-19 response.

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