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Global Sustainability Conference: Circle of Blue Calls for “Relationship of Relevancy”

From the Michigan Daily: Members of the world’s two largest energy-consuming countries met at the University [of Michigan] this weekend to discuss and highlight progress in global sustainability and green technology. … J. Carl Ganter, director and co-founder of Circle of Blue — a group of journalists, scientists and data engineers working to fix the […]

Photo Slideshow: Beijing Water Imports and Wastewater Recycling

A gallery of images from Beijing and neighboring Hebei Province, where the capital city is importing water from farmers and fishermen.

Photo Slideshow: Bohai Pipeline Could Bring Water to China’s Coal Industry

Images from northern China, where a proposed pipeline could be the answer to a resource mismatch of coal wealth and water poverty.

Circle of Blue Creator Presents Bracken Lecture at Ball State University

Sarah Boswell reports for the Ball State Daily News : J. Carl Ganter is chasing a news story that’s not on anybody else’s radar — the scarcity of water in China, which could soon stifle its gross domestic product and economic success. The multimedia journalist and co-founder of Circle of Blue spoke about international issues […]

Center for a New American Security: China’s Water-Energy Challenge

Will Rogers of the Center for a New American Security writes: Last month, Circle of Blue reported on the cascading effect that China’s energy demand is having on water scarcity. “Underlying China’s new standing in the world is an increasingly fierce competition between energy and water that threatens to upend China’s progress,” Circle of Blue’s […]

Andrew Sullivan: The Dish — China’s Water Problem

The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan highlights “Choke Point: China” in The Daily Dish. “The story has some amazing stats,” Sullivan notes. J. Carl GanterJ. Carl Ganter is co-founder and director of Circle of Blue, the internationally recognized center for original frontline reporting, research, and analysis on resource issues with a focus on the intersection between water, […]

Council on Foreign Relations: China’s Economy and the Water Crisis—A Fresh Take

Elizabeth Economy writes for the Council on Foreign Relations: While China’s economy continues to grab headlines, a new report, “Choke Point: China,” suggests that we ought to be spending a bit more time on an often-ignored economic fundamental: water. China’s environment has been a long-standing passion of mine, both as a research focus and as […]

Photo Slideshow — Choke Point: China

A gallery of images from Choke Point: China, a new water-energy series about the tightening noose that could choke off China’s modernization.

Tracing Kunming, China’s Freshwater Hazards

KUNMING — The ground quakes with a blast as the limestone fragments are blown from their roots, like giant white teeth shattered and unmoored. Nearby, a worker prepares his drill to place another stick of dynamite deep within the rock. He stops for a moment, places his foot high on the rubble and surveys the vast construction landscape that will soon become China’s fourth largest airport.

Fresh Water Crisis Seen at Top of Clinton Global Initiative Priorities

Barack Obama speaks at the Clinton Global InitiativeFollowing Clinton’s opening remarks Tuesday, Damon and water.org co-founder and director Gary White stepped onto the main stage with their commitment to provide clean water to 50,000 people in Haiti over three years. It was the first of many moments when the fresh water crisis influenced the week’s discussions.

Update: Designing’s Water Future Finalists

ASPEN — AIGA, the professional association for design, last week gathered some of the most innovative students in design.

Rebooting the Global Agenda: Deep thinkers convene in Dubai to seek solutions to world crises

BBC presenter Nik Gowing moderates the closing session of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Summit in Dubai November 9. Photo by Dana Smillie/WEF DUBAI — It’s no news that our house is on fire. And what room isn’t burning? Financial systems, climate, environment, water, energy, media — they’re all melting. The alarms keep coming […]