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Photo Slideshow: City of Coal on the Inner Mongolia Steppe

Xilinhot — an Inner Mongolian outpost of 177,000 residents, separated from Beijing by a 12-hour train ride — is at the center of the Xilin Gol Grassland, one of China’s largest prairies and livestock production regions. The north’s coal mines, trucks, and power plants are representative of the nation’s coal dependency, a lifeline with an insatiable thirst for water

Global Sustainability Conference: Circle of Blue Calls for “Relationship of Relevancy”

From the Michigan Daily: Members of the world’s two largest energy-consuming countries met at the University [of Michigan] this weekend to discuss and highlight progress in global sustainability and green technology. … J. Carl Ganter, director and co-founder of Circle of Blue — a group of journalists, scientists and data engineers working to fix the […]

Center for a New American Security: China’s Water-Energy Challenge

Will Rogers of the Center for a New American Security writes: Last month, Circle of Blue reported on the cascading effect that China’s energy demand is having on water scarcity. “Underlying China’s new standing in the world is an increasingly fierce competition between energy and water that threatens to upend China’s progress,” Circle of Blue’s […]