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Making Connections in the Philippines: Water Privatization Across Manila’s East Zone

While water privatization projects around the globe continue to be controversial, Manila stands out for its innovations and its impasses, often touted as one of the world’s most extensive urban water privatization projects to date.

Defining Water Data

Circle of Blue intern Varun Mangla summarizes the first two weeks of the summer he plans to spend with us. I’ve spent two weeks with Circle of Blue as a new data intern for the summer. I just finished my junior year at the University of Michigan in the chemical engineering department, which is where […]

Infographic: 2010, 2011, and 2012 Water Pricing Survey for 30 Major U.S. Cities

The price of water can be influenced by the supply sources and systems, in addition to the number of users who are sharing these water resources and the burden to pay for the supply system’s maintenance.

Map: Annual Australian Water Use By Individual States and Territories

Agriculture is the largest water user in Australia. Where do other sectors like mining, manufacturing, and household use fall? Like in most regions of Australia, agriculture is the biggest user of water in the state of New South Wales, where academics fear that adding another industry — coal seam gas production — could pump water […]

U.S. Supreme Court Navigates Waters of Ownership, Clarifies Possession of Missouri River Bottomland

Montana may have lost the bottom, but the state was awarded — and entrusted — all that floats to the top as part of a public trust authority to protect water resources.

Once A Cleanup Leader, Michigan Struggles With Leaking Fuel

The state’s water is at risk from 9,100 leaking underground storage tanks, second most in the United States. Photo courtesy of Bridge Magazine/Jeff Alexander No gas above ground. This former gas station at the western end of downtown Traverse City is atop a plume of pollution that started with leaking underground storage tanks. Michigan has […]

Infographic: Timeline of American Water Infrastructure Development (1651-2011)

In the United States, turning on the tap and receiving clean water is viewed as so basic to the quality of life that Americans take it for granted. But, as this detailed and interactive timeline shows, it has been a long road to supply running water to virtually every household in the country, and maintaining these investments continues into the modern era.

Infographic: American Plumbing — Tapping Into Water Infrastructure

At least 85 percent of Americans use a municipal water system for drinking water or sewer services. This interactive infographic explains how water moves to and from your tap.