Reservoir of Acidic Water Rises Beneath South Africa’s Largest City

Polluted groundwater has forced the South African government to scramble for solutions.

Peter Gleick: California's Next One Million Acre-Feet of Water

This is a key time for California water: we are coming off of three years of serious drought and growing political conflict over water allocations.

Peter Gleick: Massive Water Bond Delayed: Back to more Realistic Water Solutions

The California Legislature pulled the massive $11 billion water bond from the November ballot and moved it to 2012.

Peter Gleick: The Human Right to Water (and Sanitation)

Peter Gleick applauds the UN General Assembly's declaration: "the right to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation as a human right that is essential for the full enjoyment of life and all human rights."

EPA Announces Study to Re-Examine the Health Risks of Hydrofracking

States have begun implementing stricter standards for the controversial natural gas drilling process.

PlayPump not a Panacea for Africa's Water Problems

A technology once heralded as a simple solution to Africa’s drinking water problem now stands as a broken, unused and poorly planned reminder of international water aid’s latest misstep.

Peter Gleick: 'And During the Wet Years They Lost All Memory of the Dry Years.'

California has just suffered through three years of drought. Certainly not the first such drought and not the last.

African, Asian Nations Top Latest Water Security Risk Index

A new report furthers the hypothesis that water stress serves as a catalyst for conflict.

Peter Gleick: Water Lessons from Singapore

"In a move with all sorts of political, economic, and environmental implications, the government of Singapore recently announced that it will not renew one of its two water agreements with its neighbor Malaysia."

Peter Gleick: Water and Misleading Advertising and Marketing--Where are the FDA and FTC?

It should be hard to sell private water. After all, most of the people reading this blog have access, a few feet away, to unlimited, remarkably cheap, high-quality tap water from systems owned by the public.

Nitrate Contamination Spreading in California Communities' Water

The California Watch nitrates project revealed that wells that serve more than two million Californians have been contaminated with nitrates at levels that surpass the public health limit.

California Water Board Changes Power Plant Regulations to Protect Aquatic Life

Power plants will be required to change their cooling systems to reduce the amount of water they withdraw from oceans and estuaries as a result.