Beijing Under Water

Having recently returned from China, reporter Nadya Ivanova just missed flooding in the nation's capital that killed 37 people and closed airports.

Peter Gleick: Water Emergencies — Time for New Plans and Technology

The world faces a wide range of serious, complex, and long-term water challenges, from shortages to contamination to local and regional disputes over water to long-term climate changes. But there are other challenges that are short-term, emergency situations that could also be addressed by some new thinking and new technology.

The Stream, September 6: Sixth Famine Zone in Somalia

The United Nations has declared a sixth famine zone in Somalia,…
Hurricane Irene

Watered Down: Hurricane Irene Renews Debates About U.S. Budget and Climate Change

Hurricane Irene killed at least 40 people, caused billions of dollars in damages, and cut power to nearly 8 million homes and businesses as the storm moved from the Caribbean through the East Coast of the United States last week. But while financial analysts and members of Congress focus on who and how much to pay for recovery, climate experts are pointing out holes in the system.

The Stream, July 21: UN Declares Famine in Somalia

The United Nations has declared famine in two regions of southern…
Mississippi Flooding

Waiting on High Waters — Louisiana Prepares for the Mississippi Flood (Updated 5/16)

Emergency spillways will be used to shepherd the river to the sea.

Flood-Devastated Benin Requests Millions for Emergency Aid

Torrential rains threaten to plunge the West African nation into crisis.

Dry Spell Drives Kenya to Famine

Dry Spell Drives Kenya to FamineKenya is looking for an exit from a prolonged drought that is challenging the country’s capacity to feed itself.