The Stream, May 31: Turkey's Massive Water Projects

India and Pakistan are in the midst of talks to reduce troops…
Mississippi Flooding

Waiting on High Waters — Louisiana Prepares for the Mississippi Flood (Updated 5/16)

Emergency spillways will be used to shepherd the river to the sea.

The Stream, May 10: Land Grabs

Concerns over land grabs and food security are prompting Brazil,…
La Nina Winter Soaks

Strong La Niña Winter Soaks Much of the Western United States, But Leaves Southwest Dry

Western states confront potential for floods and wildfires.

Deadly La Niña Goes Global—Part I: For Western Hemisphere, Record Rains in Latin America

Hundreds have died in Colombian floods, as cooler sea temperatures affect regions around the Pacific; climate change seen as a possible cause.

Cholera in Haiti -- The Climate Connection

Researchers explain the correlation between environmental interactions and human health, as reported infections climb to 10,000 cases.

Flooding Tests Three Gorges Dam, Pollutes Songhua River in China

Chemical pollution is the latest calamity as heavy rains continue to blanket the country with floods.

Floods in Myanmar and Bangladesh Displace Thousands, Dozens Dead

Thousands are left homeless along the Naf River border of Bangladesh and Myanmar due to flash floods.

Flooding Inundates Southern China

Economic and human losses soar as heavy rainfall continues in Southern China.

Poland Endures Second Round of Flooding of the Vistula River

Only two of Poland's 16 regions remain untouched by floodwaters.

Glacial Melt Could Cause Tidal Wave in Pakistan

A tidal wave, reaching up to 60 meters high, is expected to race through the Hunza valley of the Himalayas.

Heavy Rainfall Hampers Tea Markets in India and Sri Lanka

Severe weather impacts could compromise tea farming for two of the world's biggest players in the industry.