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Report: International Panel on Climate Change Reiterates Three Urgent Water Concerns

IPCC says the water cycle will intensify, leading to bigger storms, more droughts, and worsening water quality.

Risk Assessment Tool Puts a Price on Water Scarcity

The Water Risk Monetizer guides corporate investments where water…

Surrounded By Water, Ohio River Valley Experiences Economic Resurgence

Six-state region at head of American recovery.

Election 2014 Recap: Voters Mostly Say ‘Yes’ to Water Spending

easures passed in California, Florida, and Maine, while North Dakota voted against conservation fund.

Sao Paulo’s Water Waiting Game Avoided Rationing But Produced Huge Risk of Severe Shortage

Desire to protect the poor left Brazil’s driest city few options…

Earth Pushes Back

Era of indifference greets droughts, floods, storms, tsunamis. Photo…

Californians Will Vote on Big Water Bond Not Knowing Exactly What They Are Buying

Rules for choosing the most controversial projects will be written later.

U.S. Government Builds a Home for Water Data

The Open Water Data Initiative wants a common house for real-time U.S. water information. But this could take decades.

Earth’s Major Aquifers Are in Trouble

Groundwater reserves are falling, but little is known about how much water is left.

San Antonio Pipeline Continues Texas Water Rush

America’s seventh-largest city debates a pipeline project worth billions as the second-fastest-growing state faces more demands for water in its third year of severe drought.

Hawaii River Restorations Reflect National Desire to Protect Water for Public Benefit

Using public trust doctrine, communities restore streams diverted…

Big Data Requires Strong Relationships to Improve Farming

To influence water and food systems, the data revolution needs…