Dealing With The Soup of Chemicals That Can Get Into Your Drinking Water

All the things that go down the drain and end up at the waste water treatment plant are not removed there. It's a soup of chemicals.

Michigan’s Rural Water Systems Confront Generations of Inadequate Investment

A critical juncture is reached for providing water to Michigan's rural communities.

HotSpots H2O: Canadian Government Misses Target to End Water Insecurity for First Nations Communities

Many First Nations in Canada continue to live without clean water six years after the government began actively addressing the issue, according to a report published by the Auditor General of Canada late last month.

Michigan Dams Need ‘Immediate Attention’ to Prevent Next Failure

Michigan’s aging dams require “comprehensive and immediate attention” to avoid future tragedies like last summer’s Midland-area dam failures, a state task force has determined.

High Demand for New Michigan Water Infrastructure Grants

A new grant program in Michigan to rid drinking water systems of contaminants is proving to be quite popular.