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James Workman: Poetry, Slammed — Dambusting Celebratory Removals

The most dramatic freshwater news stories of 2011 literally broke wide open in the Pacific Northwest's hydropowered region, as two major Washington currents were unplugged in in order to replenish an endangered, iconic, transrational species of fish. In that same spirit of silent wonder, and agape, the following 318 words began to arrange and then unglue themselves to honor these inspired, extraordinary events.

North vs. South—Carolina States Settle Water Dispute Without Supreme Court

A negotiated agreement ends a three-year conflict between North Carolina and South Carolina over the Catawba and Yadkin rivers.

Peter Gleick: Improving Water Infrastructure with Dam Building, but for Whose Benefit?

Whether, where, and how to build new dams: the old Western debate.

Dams Demolished, Rivers Revived

Dam decommissioning accelerates in the Pacific Northwest.

Alabama, Florida and Georgia: A Tri-State Tug-of-War for Lake Lanier

Congress solidifies a federal judge's ruling to settle a 20-year-old dispute.

North vs. South: Carolinas in Supreme Court Battle for Catawba River

The Catawba River is used by more than 30 cities and 17 counties for industry and drinking.

Peter Gleick: Temperance Flat Reservoir Falls Flat

Rigged feasibility study shows desperation for new surface reservoirs.

Peter Gleick: The Number of New Dams Built in California is Not Zero

Californians love (or hate) to fight about water in part because there are no easy solutions left.

New Legislation to Restore Watersheds & Wilderness in American West

Protection for 2.1 million acres of land and 1,000 miles of rivers.

Dry Reservoir Leaves Tampa One Day of Water

A stagnant layer of unpotable water is all that remains of Tampa's Bill Young Reservoir.

Federal Government Restricts California’s Delta Flow

A policy that restricts water pumping from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

Fishy Thinking Inspires New Clean Energy Technology

An alternative way to create power from water that creates vortexes and vibrations.