Tehuacán Video Essay: Scarcity and Solutions – Pt. 1

The Tehuacán Valley captures the tragedy and triumph of Mexico’s worst freshwater crisis in decades. In this video, meet Francisca Rosas Valencia, a leader who is working to better her community's water future.

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Tehuacán Valley, Mexico Remains Resilient as Nation Faces Worst Water Crisis in Decades

Severe water scarcity is a daily reality for many in Mexico, particularly the people of Tehuacán Valley.

Divining Destiny: Water Challenges in Mexico’s Tehuacán Valley

Demand for Mexico’s finite supply of water will rise steadily for the foreseeable future.
Alfonso Gonzalez is a cattle farmer who actively participates in conservation initiatives around Cuatro Ciénegas.  In one effort, a  pond on his property was restored to its original state, leading the area around it to regenerate humidity and lush flora and fauna.

Q&A: Raúl Garciadiego Helps Restore Access to Water in the Tehuacán Valley

The people who inhabit Tehuacán Valley in southeast Mexico humanize one of the greatest global crises.

Divining Destiny – Tehuacán, Mexico Field Team

Brent Stirton is the senior staff photojournalist for Getty Images and his work from the front lines of the world’s conflicts and crises is seen regularly in major international magazines. He has a rare gift for expressing compassion through his lens. His drive to tell the critical yet complex global story of water has led to some of the most powerful imagery to date.