The Stream, April 28: Earth’s Water From Above

Check out these stunning images of the Earth taken from the International Space Station. And revisit Circle of Blue’s own compilation of the best NASA and ESA satellite images of the Earth’s water: Part I and Part II.

Back on Earth, Foreign Policy surveyed world experts about the future of food and also published this thought-provoking book excerpt on the world’s bottom billion.

Amidst alarms by the Asian Development Bank about the soaring food prices in Asia, Australia’s inflation jumped to a five-year high despite government efforts to tighten its fiscal policy.

In an attempt to comply with its new requirements for cleaner coal power, Canada plans to build a carbon-capture coal-power plant, Reuters reports.

After drilling its first shale gas well earlier this year, Mexico is now considering scaling up its shale gas production to wean its dependence on domestic crude oil and natural gas imports from the United States.

This interactive graphic by the Guardian shows where the world’s biggest shale gas deposits lie, according to the latest data by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

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