Tehuacán Video Essay: Scarcity and Solutions – Pt. 1

The Tehuacán Valley captures the tragedy and triumph of Mexico’s worst freshwater crisis in decades. In this video, meet Francisca Rosas Valencia, a leader who is working to better her community's water future.
Peter Gleick

Peter Gleick: Where Have All Our Drinking Water Fountains Gone?

Where have all our drinking water fountains gone? They have been…

Peter Gleick: Time for a Drinking Water Fountain Renaissance

One of the reasons for the explosive growth in the sales of bottled water in the past two decades is the disappearance of public drinking water fountains.

Reservoir of Acidic Water Rises Beneath South Africa’s Largest City

Polluted groundwater has forced the South African government to scramble for solutions.

Peter Gleick: Water and Misleading Advertising and Marketing–Where are the FDA and FTC?

It should be hard to sell private water. After all, most of the people reading this blog have access, a few feet away, to unlimited, remarkably cheap, high-quality tap water from systems owned by the public.

UK Reliance on Imported Water Leaves Country Vulnerable, Study

Many places the country currently imports products from may begin to see problems meeting domestic water demand in the coming decades, possibly causing a shortage of goods for the country, a study says.

New Plan Approved to Protect Chicagoland Water

A three-year effort to develop a landmark water plan for the greater Chicago region was unanimously approved by political and environmental stakeholders Tuesday.