China Responds to Explosive Growth, Pollution, and Water Scarcity in Latest Five-Year Plan

Will momentum for runaway development be too powerful to restrain?

Peter Gleick: Time for a "Cash for Water Clunkers" Program

The international water expert proposes a plan to ensure the long-term sustainability of the United States’ water resources.

2009 California Water Plan Published

Report recommends upgrading the state's information base to better user understanding of the water system.

California Farmers Can Save Water, Money, Says Pacific Institute Report

The water-scarce state can overhaul its agricultural water management by implementing clearer water targets, better economic incentives, and more direct communication systems, according to a Pacific Institute report

Peter Gleick: Water Scofflaws -- Go Soak your Heads (Under a Low-flow Showerhead)

After years of inaction, blatant and willful violations of federal law, and lack of enforcement by previous administrations, the U.S. Department of Energy has just announced that they intend to pursue enforcement actions against the manufacturers of water-using appliances that violate national water and energy savings laws that have been on the books for nearly 20 years.

Peter Gleick: Where to find one million acre-feet of water for California.

Californians have improved their efficiency of water use over the past 25 years. The state's economy and population have grown. But total water use has not grown, and per person, each Californian uses far less today. This improvement in efficiency has saved the state's collective rear end. So far.

Peter Gleick: Why Do You Still Have a Top-loading Washing Machine?

Peter Gleick Washing MachineMy colleagues and I here at the Pacific Institute have been arguing for more than 15 years that California has enormous potential to save water by improving water use efficiency.

California Report: In Dry Times, Deep Reservoir of Water Solutions

New report highlights possible solutions to state's water shortages.

South Korea's 'Green New Deal' -- A Focus on Water

With the prospect of impending water shortages hot on South Korea’s heels, Seoul is reaching into its pocketbook for better water infrastructure.

EPA Recognizes First Water Efficient House

CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina -- As green builders proliferate…