San Antonio Pipeline Continues Texas Water Rush

America’s seventh-largest city debates a pipeline project worth billions as the second-fastest-growing state faces more demands for water in its third year of severe drought.

Business, Finance Leaders Address U.S. Water Policy

From markets and higher prices, better water systems will flow,…

Report: U.S. Water Systems, Deteriorated and Slow to Change, Need New Strategy – And Money

More of the same is not working in changed conditions of the 21st century.

Despite Delays and Billions in Overruns, Olmsted Locks and Dam Project Rolls On

Ohio River project is departure for funds-starved U.S. water…

California Lawmakers Pass $US 7.5B Water Bond

The spending measure now goes to the voters in November.

U.S. Irrigation Pushed Eastward By Drought and Financial Risks

Irrigated agriculture’s march into Midwest and South could increase competition for water.
Central Arizona Project irrigation groundwater Colorado River farmland fallowing Arizona Yuma Mesa

Study: Water Stress Affects Fewer Cities Than Previously Thought

Pipelines and canals buy some cities a ticket out of water stress…

Growth in Lima, Peru’s Capital, Served Without Water

Ubiquitous water trucks are a guide to Peru's swelling metropolis. Photo…

In California, Groundwater Softens Drought’s Punch – That’s Both Good News and Bad

Agriculture may do better this year than expected, researchers say. But at a long-term cost.
Workers walk through the mechanical room underneath the membrane filters.

U.S. Sewer Costs Increase 5.5 Percent in 2013, Industry Survey Reveals

Why? Old pipes, clean water regulations, and years of inadequate…

Price of Water 2014: Up 6 Percent in 30 Major U.S. Cities; 33 Percent Rise Since 2010

Water scarcity and successful conservation programs force…

Californians, In a Departure, Appear Ready to Support Big Water Spending to Respond to Drought

State leaders face infrastructure decisions now that will have consequences for decades.