Parsing the Water Pricing Data

Which cities have the highest rates? And why? Yesterday, Circle…

The Price of Water 2012: 18 Percent Rise Since 2010, 7 Percent Over Last Year in 30 Major U.S. Cities

Rates have increased in many cities, but local conditions dictate by how much and how the increase is distributed. Chicago prices are up nearly 25 percent, while Los Angeles is down by 9 percent.

The Stream, April 4: Water and Politics in South America

Under a new law, mining and oil companies in Peru will be required…

America’s Water Infrastructure Shows Its Age — The National Debate About How to Pay for Repairs

Hundreds of billions of dollars are needed for renovation and…
Shiprock, New Mexico: The Navajo Nation — which spans a 70,000-square-kilometer stretch of mesa, sand, and canyons in parts of New Mexico, Utah, and northern Arizona — is the largest and, arguably, the driest American Indian reservation in the United States.

Racing an Arizona Senator’s Retirement, Dry Navajo Nation Draws Closer to Securing More Water

The largest reservation in the U.S. has one of the nation's highest poverty rates — more than 40 percent — and very little water infrastructure. Many residents pay nearly 50 times the municipal cost for water, which instead is delivered from a tank in the back of a truck, often resulting in water-borne intestinal illnesses.

Texas Utilities Use Restrictions, Not Prices, To Cope With Water Shortages

The preference for government mandates reinforces the idea that…
China Water Stats Information Graphic

Infographic: Beijing Water Use and Population Statistics

The population of China's capital has doubled since 1980, and, though agricultural and industrial water use is down, municipal use is up.

The Price of Water 2011: Prices Rise an Average of 9 Percent in Major U.S. Cities

Because of costlier inputs and infrastructure replacement, rate experts predict prices will only go higher.

Saudi Water Use ‘Growing Exponentially,’ Higher Prices Needed, Report Says

Agriculture is draining non-renewable groundwater reserves in the water-scarce country.

Report Suggests Repealing Canadian Bulk Water Bans

The Fraser Institute, a right-leaning Canadian think tank, wants a shift in government water policy.

Infographic: Alaska to India Bulk Water Export Data

Sitka, Alaska to send millions of gallons of water to India, which will then be distributed in the Middle East.

Higher Water Prices Needed Globally, OECD Says

A report from 30 of the richest countries in the world says raising water rates will help protect and maintain the precious resource for the future.