Despite Billions in Losses and Clear Financial Dangers, Companies Slow to Respond to Water Risks

More businesses track water use, but fewer take the next step of setting targets.

Water and Climate Hazards Again Highlight World Economic Forum Risks Report

Drought, water scarcity, climate change, extreme weather -- these and other environmental factors are among the biggest risks to society and industry, says WEF.

Water Crises Named the Biggest Business Risk in Four Countries

Business leaders in some of the world’s most water-stressed countries say that water availability and pollution are the biggest risks to their operations.

Water Security: Freedom from Intolerable Water-Related Risks | PODCAST |

Large-scale drought in southern Africa. Floods in North Korea…
Located in the central arid region of Tunisia, Metlaoui sees periodic bursts of rainfall which can cause flash floods. In 2009, floods damaged the cities main railroad, a vital line for the regions mining operations.

Tunisia’s Thirst Uprising: A Nation on the Edge

Despite major gains since the Arab Spring, Tunisia's future remains…
Satellite details from July 19, 2016 showing wildfires and smoke blanketing parts of Siberia. NASA/JPL

Projecting Global Water Supplies With A New Tool

ISciences develops predictive model for anticipating water stress. The…

Could Insurance Markets Help Water Utilities Respond to Drought?

Drought restrictions and wet summers shake utility budgets. Researchers…

World Economic Forum Ranks Water Crises as Top Long-term Risk

Water is connected to the world’s most severe problems.

U.S. Military Aims to Improve Water Security, Climate Resilience

Initiatives show military sees serious climate and water security…

World Economic Forum Ranks Water Crises as Top Global Risk

Water rises on the world agenda.

Risk Assessment Tool Puts a Price on Water Scarcity

The Water Risk Monetizer guides corporate investments where water…

The Stream, July 25: An Atlas of World Water Risk

Business An 'new gold' for the 21st century, banking on scarcer…