Texas Drought

Dried Up: Texas Industry and Residents Square Off Over Water as Drought Continues

With nearly 65 percent of Texas experiencing exceptional drought, water is becoming increasingly precious—and scarce—in a state that has to divide the resource between the growing appetites of farmers, city residents, and energy corporations.
France Drought Europe

Extreme Weather Hampers Grain Production — Droughts in France and Germany, Floods in Ohio

Two of the world's most important crops, corn and wheat, are on track to meet global demand, despite water woes.

China’s Other Looming Choke Point: Food Production

The Yellow River Basin is the center of a contest over water, energy, and agriculture.

Export Agriculture Drains Latin America’s Water Supplies

Peruvian asparagus and Costa Rican pineapples illustrate the threats global agribusiness poses to the environment.

Murray-Darling Basin Plan Angers Australian Farmers

A government plan to reduce irrigation diversions has farmers up in arms.

Egypt’s Assets in Ethiopia May Help Ease Tensions Over Nile River

The African country reaches out to its Nile Basin neighbor.

British Company Creates Cheap, Small-Scale Desalination for Agriculture

The new system, which uses sub-surface pipes to remove salts and deliver water to plants on demand, grew 200 prosopis trees in the United Arab Emirates' desert during a test-run.

Chinese Farms Generate More Water Pollution than Factories

Study shows 2007 discharges were double previous estimates.

Water Scarcity, Food Security Concerns Prompt Global Land Grab

Area nearly the size of France purchased, leased for food production around the world. Africa, South America, parts of Europe targeted by cash-rich, food-poor nations

Drought and Deluge: Food Supplies in an Era of Climate Change

Agriculture in South and Southeast Asia affected by increasing temperatures and erratic water.

Water and Food Shortages Hit Western China

ningxia_hui The cisterns of western China are empty, as prolonged drought brings the people of the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region to their knees.

Advancing Algal Bloom Chokes Lower Murray Darling River

A vast swath of blue-green algae is making its way through Australia,…