Photojournalist’s Notebook: São Paulo’s Portelinha Favela

Those living in Portelinha are among the roughly 40 percent of the world’s population that are affected each day by water scarcity and pollution.

Water Crises Named the Biggest Business Risk in Four Countries

Business leaders in some of the world’s most water-stressed countries say that water availability and pollution are the biggest risks to their operations.

HotSpots H2O, December 3: Water Infrastructure Still a Target in Ukrainian Conflict

Attacks on civilian water infrastructure remain a strategic vulnerability in the ongoing conflict between the Ukrainian military and separatists.

HotSpots H2O, November 26: Delays and Disagreements Hinder Africa’s Largest Hydropower Dam

The Rundown The fate of a controversial dam that Ethiopia is…

Comprehensive Government Climate Report Warns That Warming Planet Threatens U.S. Water Security

The National Climate Assessment is meant to inform U.S. leaders about changes to land, water, and air from a warming planet.

EPA Watchdog Flags Unregulated Pollutants in Treated Sewage Sludge

An undermanned EPA is potentially failing to protect human health and the environment from hundreds of pollutants in treated sewage sludge

Counting Homes Cut Off From Water Is A Data Collection Nightmare

California utilities revolt against state attempt for more water shutoff information.

A Water-Sensitive Approach for Cities to Tackle the Global Sanitation Crisis

Opinion Piece Benedito Braga, President, World Water Council Today,…

Water and Climate Dominate World Economic Forum Risk Report

Water crises and climate change worry business and political elite.

World Economic Forum Ranks Water Crises as Top Long-term Risk

Water is connected to the world’s most severe problems.

World Economic Forum Ranks Water Crises as Top Global Risk

Water rises on the world agenda.