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Water Designer Turns Box Thinking Inside Out

While the recent UNESCO Water Report encourages stakeholders to climb out of their respective ideological boxes, a packaging innovator from Michigan reassures consumers boxes aren’t so bad after all. As it turns out, drinking water packaged in boxes might be the happily sustainable medium for those unlikely to sacrifice the portable, disposable commodity.

Benjamin Edgar, designer of Boxed Water, has created a product that appeals to consumer consciousness from several angles. The product provides an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional product. The trees harvested to produce the boxes come from certified sustainable forests. The efficient box shape means a greater quantity of units pack into a smaller space. More boxes per truck equals fewer trucks — hence, a reduced carbon footprint.

According to a recent paper on bottled water published by the Pacific Institute, the highest bottled water energy cost to the consumer and the environment is actually the production of the plastic container itself. Contrast this with Boxed Water, which is comprised of 90 percent renewable resources and in some cases leaves behind a footprint 80 percent lower than its counterpart.

Read more here and here.

Sources: Creativity-Online, Boxed Water

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