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The Stream, March 8: Disputes Over Dams, Rivers, and Groundwater

Water Disputes
China is once again eying the Nu River (Salween River) for dam development, which could cost 60,000 people their homes, Reuters reported, citing government officials. The river is part of a UNESCO protected area due to the region’s high level of biodiversity.

India and Bangladesh remain embroiled in a dispute over the sharing of Teesta River water, AlertNet reported. Bangladesh argues that India is taking too much water and causing irrigation shortages, but climate change may also be a factor.

As surface water supplies become more scarce in the western United States, communities are increasingly fighting for control of groundwater supplies, according to The Wall Street Journal. In Nevada, a dispute has arisen between ranchers in Pilot Valley and the city of West Wendover.

Japan’s Nuclear Challenges
The storage of contaminated wastewater remains one of the biggest challenges for Japan two years after the tsunami that crippled nuclear reactors at the Fukushima power plant, The Japan Times reported. Thousands of tons of the tainted water are still waiting to be stored, but the plant is running out of room.

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Author: Codi Yeager-Kozacek  is a news correspondent for Circle of Blue based out of Hawaii. She co-writes The Stream, Circle of Blue’s daily digest of international water news trends. Her interests include food security, ecology and the Great Lakes.

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