Scientists Urge Greater Attention to Groundwater in Climate Adaptation

Better management, research, and funding is needed.

The Stream, March 8: Disputes Over Dams, Rivers, and Groundwater

Water Disputes China is once again eying the Nu River (Salween…

The Stream, February 12: International Year of Water Cooperation Launches

UNESCOPRESS reported yesterday from Paris where the ceremony…

The Stream, January 22: Water Cooperation Far Outweighs Conflict

The latest issue of the UNESCO journal, A World of Science, is focused on the human face of water politics. Researchers have found that conflict is no more likely in arid nations than in humid nations, and that water conflicts, when they do arise, are not more or less frequent in a nation based on their wealth or political structure. The report is released in anticipation of the beginning of the 2013 UN International Year of Water Cooperation.

The Stream, August 10: Toxins in Drinking Water

There are about 6,000 toxins that the U.S. Environmental Protection…

United Nations Urges Ethiopia to Suspend Gibe III Dam Construction

In June, a committee concluded that the construction of the dam endangered the existence of Lake Turkana, the largest desert lake in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

China Karst Credits

Acknowledgments Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars China…

Water: Iraq’s Other Problem

Iraq also blames upstream dams in Turkey for the river’s low levels, which permit seawater intrusion in the Tigris and Euphrates. Both sides tried to ameliorate the situation with Thursday’s agreement.Add water shortage to the list of problems besetting the Iraqi government.

Canons and Cannons: World Water Forum Disperses Policies, People in Turkey

Unfurl a banner against privatized water and get a return flight…

WHYMAP takes water question underground

Although unknown to many, it is no secret that much of the…