A bad kind of good: New Bond movie plots water’s worth

Not only is the latest James Bond flick “Quantum of Solace” scoring millions at the box office, many watching its progress hope that this particular plotline drives home the current crisis facing most of the world’s fresh water.

Water remains a natural resource; but for years investors, governments, intellectuals and environmentalists have argued whether to manage it as a common good shared publicly or as a commodity assuming exchange value. The Bond film, according to director Marc Forster, sells water as the next big conflict — calling oil a problem of the past.

“There’s a shortage everywhere you go,” he told Science Central, “And it’s just sort of a reality that they are dealing with that I think that we here in the West are not accustomed to… It’s just an enormous problem, and people still, I think, are a little bit in denial about it.”

Read more about the movie here.

Source: Science Central

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