Calif. water levels historically low

CALIFORNIA – California’s second-largest storage reservoir will end this year with the lowest amount of water in more than 30 years, Department of Water Resources Director Lester Snow said Monday.

Snow spoke at a congressional hearing on California’s drought in Fresno, where farmers, climate change experts and area politicians testified about the financial impacts wrought by the water shortage.

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Source: The San Francisco Chronicle (Associated Press)

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  1. Marla says:

    Until the secret water diverting has been exposed, why should anyone believe anything these people say. After Autry’s Fresno group was caught, he had them issue a R.O. against me – committing perjury to discredit the city’s own sewer layout, which verifies EXACTLY what is taking place. I was previously employed by the ringleader – for 25 yrs I heard him talk of secretly diverting the water supply but until he and the Dept. of Public Works were caught, I did not believe it.

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